Year End Party 2019

A busy year has passed, and this is the time for Paper Art Viet members to share the successes and difficulties of last year, as well as set a plan for the new year 2020.
The company year-end party is a time when people can have fun, eat and join group activities which everyone will really enjoy at the party. This is also an opportunity to help the spirit of solidarity of the company rise.

The party took place in a fun, warm atmosphere. The games were enthusiastically joined by the participants such as the “Horrific Karaoke” or the “Poetry” game.
One of the most intriguing parts of the party is the lucky draw, making the atmosphere more exciting than ever.

The party closed, but the echo still lingered. These moments will surely be a memorable memory for each member of Paper Art Viet. Thanks to the contributions of all members for the success of the company. Wishing all members a happy new year.