Where to find the best 3D pop up card manufacturer in Vietnam

Where to find the best 3D pop up card manufacturer in Vietnam

Why Vietnam should be the 3D pop up card manufacturer source? 

For years, China used to be famous for its large quantities of manufacturers of products of all kinds. However, things have been changed in the new modern world when Vietnam is now indeed a place for businessmen who are seeking reliable and skillful manufacturers, especially in term of 3D pop up card market. 

Wedding Pop Up Cards

Wedding Pop Up Cards

Because of the rapid growth of E-commerce in not only in China but also around the world, 3D pop up card suppliers in China now are doing business and selling directly to the customers globally without any middleman. In Vietnam, on the other hand, there are still a lot of the available choices for 3D pop up cards businessman since the Vietnamese have lesser support from E-Commerce like Amazon, Alibaba… 

What makes Vietnamese 3D pop up cards manufacturers ideal?

People tend to think Chinese 3D pop up card manufacturers offering better prices and quality; however, in fact, Vietnamese 3D pop up card manufacturers are doing better, not only in the price and quality but also in the design capacity. 

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How is a 3D pop up card made?

Let’s have a look at this design awarded by NCC, one of truthful competitions in the field of paper art, held in New York.

And the owner of this design is Paper Art Viet (PAV), one of the best 3D pop up manufacturers in Vietnam.

Paper art Viet – the Art from Paper

Since 2012, PAV was established in a very small room with few art craft man creating some basic pop up cards, resembling and packing always by hand. After a few years of development, nowadays, PAV is having up to 3 brands in Ho Chi Minh City and Ben Tre Province, 2 factories and 1 office. 

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For what reason is it alluring to anybody?

With a skillful 3D pop up card craft man team in the production factories and more than 7-year-experienced designer team who has been creating over than 2000 3D pop up card designs themselves. 

Over the past 7 years, PAV has been experienced in FOB manufacturing service and exporting to the USA, Japan and Europe. More than 10 global exhibitions joined and recognized with many official certificates like SMETA, FCS, FAMA… 

PAV’s capacity is around 100.000 3D pop up card/month, 10 times higher than the majority of 3D pop up card manufacturers in Vietnam. MOQ is only 100 pieces/ a 3D pop up card design, allowing any businessman has a chance to optimize their business. 

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Designing service is another strength when more than 70% of customers choose to have their own 3D pop up card designs every year. 

In PAV, humans are considered the most important. Knowing that, the employees have offered lunch every working day and also team building trips are held annually. In the heart of PAV, the office was decorated fully with 3D pop up cards and full of joys. 

Surely, PAV is not always the best choice for the first time anyone met, but it is always the best after your visit. If you want to know more about this great 3D pop up card manufacturers, just follow the link below: https://paperartviet.com/

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