Where to find a pop-up card manufacturer in vietnam

What is a pop-up card?

Pop-up card is a new version of an ordinary greeting card which normally known as 2D card. Now it is added one more dimension to become an 3D card or Pop-up card. However; its usage stays the same over time. pop-up cards

Pop-up card in Vietnam

It is quite unusual now if the Vietnamese people greet each other by pop-up cards. Even though years ago, there has seen a fad of greeting by 2D cards in Christmas season. Like any other fads, it soon faded after a time. Vietnamese people came back with their traditional traits by partying in their locality instead.

Where to find a pop-up card manufacturer in Vietnam?

Paper Art Viet, one of the leading companies in the field of paper art in Vietnam, seems to be ideal for you to make a visit if you are now in Ho Chi Minh city. Established in 2013, Paper Art Viet has owned more than 6 years in producing and designing fine art paper products which are assembled by hands, especially pop-up card for exported market. The USA, UK, Japan, Australia … have been their frequent markets for years before planning a new market in their own country.

pop-up card manufacturer Recognized by many international organizations like FSC(Forest Stewardship Council), ISOT 2018 (Stationery of the year), FAMA (Facility and Merchandise Authorization Application), SEDEX SMETA …, the Paper Art Viet cares not only their products and designs but also their labors and facilities to offer the best quality pop-up cards to any customers. This time to take a visit the Paper Art Viet office at 103/45 – Tran Huy Lieu Street – Phu Nhuan District – Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, to enjoy and be amazed by many other types of pop-up cards, pop-up books and so on.