Where to buy beautiful greeting cards?

What is greeting cards?

Greeting cards are a decorative paper that are often bought as a gift to send in any special occasion. Unlike before when greeting cards had simple designs, they are nowadays more interesting with different forms such as pop up cards and quilling cards which can be sent in any occasions.

Where to find the most beautiful greeting cards?

Vietnam seems to be the best place for you to find the best suppliers. Paper Art Viet is proud to be one of the best greeting card suppliers in Vietnam specifically and all over the world generally, with more than 7 year experience in designing and manufacturing art products made from paper. The greeting cards made from high quality of art paper, with outstanding designs and meticulous hand assembly. Beside that, Paper Art Viet is highly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, therefore, we aim at using eco-friendly materials and non-plastic packaging. All these elements that make our products stand out from the rest, and make Paper Art Viet is trusted by many clients.

Some amazing designs from Paper Art Viet

There are the 2 most popular types of greeting cards which are pop up cards and quilling cards. Love Bear and Biplane pop up cards Pop up cards or 3D cards are an art form inspired by Origami and Kirigami from Japan, that include pop up images once opening the cards. greeting cards Thanksgiving quilling cards Another type of greeting card is quilling card made when rolling thin strips into coils and arranging them to elegant design.

greeting cards Why should we send greeting cards?

Nowadays, we live in a digital life with fast development of technology and the internet. Therefore, we tend to send instant messages on social media insteads of greeting cards. However, even e-messages are quicker, physical cards still have a place in people's heart as they express emotions of givers and receivers which we cannot find in e-messages. Just imagine how happy when your loved ones open the card and read your nice words, they will understand how important they are to you. For more information about greeting card designs and more art paper products, don't hesitate to contact us at https://paperartviet.com/.