Where to buy 3D cards?

3D pop up card making supplies in Vietnam

Have troubles finding a reliable to buy 3D cards? You are not the only one. 

3D card making supplies

Have troubles finding a reliable to buy 3D card?

For years, businessman, retailers from all around the word has come to Vietnam to seek for a trustful business partner in the filed of 3D card making supplies. However, with a long list of 3D card making supplies in Vietnam, they found difficult to start up or scale up their business. 

 What affects on their choices? 

Of course, the quality of the 3D card is the first choice whenever a man seeking for a product to buy. Some think that price matters; however, the quality comes right after and take the show. 

How is the 3D card quality is set by 3D making supplies

It is easy to know that the paper source is considered the vanguard of 3D card quality. In Paper Art Viet, a Vietnamese 3D making supplier, paper is all imported from European countries which have the advanced technology of making paper. Their paper also enables the 3D cards resistance to many different weathers. 

 Custom Design 3D card

MarriotBangkok – Custom Design 3D card by Paper Art Viet

Then it is the glueing techniques that make the 3D card last for a long time. Here is one footstage of a 3D card made by Paper Art Viet years ago. 

Is design variety important for 3D cards? 

Definitely, 3D pop upcards require a lot of creativity and their designs are never out of concepts. With over than 3000 designs and ability to have a new catalog every 3 months, Paper Art Viet promises to contribute to the market a lot of choices. 

Where to find a place to buy 3D cards?

If you are considering to have some special 3D card for your family and you are in Vietnam, Tiki is a good e-cormece for your reference. 

3D card making manufacturer

3D card making manufacturer

Want to see 3D card with your bare eyes before making a decision? 

Fahasha Nguyen Hue is ideal for you if Ho Chi Minh city is one of your destinations. 

And are you a businessman selling 3D cards?

3d card custom

VN Airline – 3D Pop up card Manufacturer and Supplier

Feel free to contact and visit the webpage of https://paperartviet.com/ for more options and products related to 3D scultures and paper art work. 

Anyway, just roaming around, and 3D cards are something that draws your attention immediately.  

3d card custom

VN Airline - 3D Pop up card Manufacturer and Supplier