What supplier has the best pop up card?

What supplier has the best pop up card?

What is pop up card?

Pop up card, or 3D card, seems to be unusual to many people in some parts of the world such as Vietnam and China, where greeting each other by cards is not popular.
However, in many European countries and the USA, pop up cards have been considered significantly needy.
Added one more dimension in a casual flat card, here is a 3D pop up card.

Where you can find the best pop up cards?

Vietnamese vs Chinese pop up card suppliers.
Surely, you may confuse between these recent well-known suppliers where most of the worldwide products are made.
Vietnam, of course, has become an ideal supply source for many foreign investors due to the US – China trade war.

pop up card
That’s why pop up cards supplied by Vietnamese pop up card manufactures now have an advantage in this case.
Paper Art Viet is one of the best Vietnamese pop up card suppliers which has nearly 7 years in designing and manufacturing these pop up cards.

Why should you choose Paper Art Viet?

Since these pop up cards are mostly handmade, assembling is the most important part that requires human elements. In Paper Art Viet, skilled workers, aged under 65, are trained carefully to have the mind of an artisan who treasure their works. Along with them are the creative designers have worked enthusiastically for years in the field of pop up cards and pop up artworks. Paper Art Viet also applied the latest technology to have more meticulous details on any pop up card designs.

pop up card

Here are some signatures of pop up cards from Paper Art Viet.

To have more details and more spectacular designs, follow the link below to access the Paper Art Viet website. Surely, they won’t disappoint you with the capacity and creativity.

pop up card

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