What is pop-up card?

Pop-up meanings something that would appear and surprise the others at sight. Pop-up card is the card which has the same meaning as it amazes the receivers with meticulous stationary inside showing up upon opening.

History of Pop-up card.

More machinery look than a book, the first pop-up work was a book made by Ramon Llull (ca. 1232 – 1315) who later became a martyr in the Roman Catholic church.

Pop-up card
Then later, pop-up works faded over time until the 1980s, after the Word War II, there have seen a rebirth of pop-up cards.

How is a pop-up card made?

Added a new dimension on the typically 2 dimensional cards, now there is a three-dimensional pop-up card. Like any other cards, pop-up cards are mainly made out of high-quality paper to secure their shapes inside the cards.
A pop-up card is made with a range of features such as pull tabs, die cuts, multiple layers of paper, add-ons, laser-cuts, printed layers … and assembled by experienced artists. Due to its tiny details and easily-damaged materials, it requires not only the makers’ focus but also their skills to make up any single card.

Why is pop-up card attractive to anyone?

Once opened, pop-up cards will impress the receivers with their eye-catching handmade detailed pop-up, which somehow give a heart touching feeling.
It is ideal for any occasions that you want to delivery your wishes to your beloved ones like greeting for Christmas, Weeding, Signal love to someone or more.

Pop-up cards
Birthday also seems to be a great time for these lovely pop-up cards. Follow the link for 5 designs which are suitable for your beloved friends or family members.
Would you like to make your greeting unforgettable and surprising? Pop-up cards are absolutely not a bad choice at all.
Here one of pop-up card manufacturer who has been working in this field for almost 7 years, promising to bring you with a lot of beautiful designs. Follow the link www.paperartviet.com for the website and check out more attractive products.

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