Trending message card design in 2019

Trending message card design in 2019

what is more surprising than a message card with pop-up?

For centuries, giving message card have not been faded over time, even though there are more and more digital ways to send out your messages to the receivers.
Nowadays, people tend to seek for more than a traditional message card, they expect something bringing more emotions and meanings than only words. Pop-up message cards was born on that idea.
Upon opening, it not only exposes the senders’ handwriting notes but also gives a further meaning than any word, that is a pop-up model.

Here are suggestions for your choices in this 2019 based on our real customers’ comments. (From Paper Art Viet – Vietnamese message card manufacturer)

Trending of message card design for 2019

1/ Giant Christmas Tree message card

With a size of a common message card, but decorated by a lot of meticulous details from the front cover to it pop-up inside, your beloved ones would surprise when they open the card. The symbol of Christmas, the Christmas tree outstanding the yellow theme with a golden star as its ornament shall be something that you would like to say Merry Christmas.
“It was so amazing, surprised me at the first sight after I was reading a few notes from my brother. Really eye-catching with the colors and details. When the tree appeared, I am like … Oh my god, it’s so beautiful.” – Toni from the USA.

message card

2/ The Ring Chest message card

“Life is full of surprises, I could sure of that. It was a romantic night as usual with my boyfriend. We were celebrating the 6th year of being together. And what I expected more? He proposed to me with a message card. It was a really lovely card with his writing inside. Will you marry me? – wrote he. And the next page of the card, a chest of ring showed up. I was crying a lot that date and thanks to the message card, I am now happy with my husband, even though he cannot say anything, he is mute.” – Ms.Hang, from Vietnam.

3/Poinsettia message card

“My mom really loves flowers, especially red or crimson flowers, and I sent her flowers from a local flower shop every year in the mother’s day. Because I am working so far from home, and just can manage to meet her once a month, my mom would love to see my voices and my message online too. One time she said it would be better if I could write for her some words, so that she can see them whenever she wants, not the online-same-front letter every year. Then I accidentally found the message card with poinsettia pop-up, it would never be a more special day like that. My mom always keeps the card in the kitchen where she is often there and talked about it when I was home” – Mr.Fred Chue from the USA,