Top 5 Most Beautiful Quilling Card Designs For Mother’s Day

Top 5 Most Beautiful Quilling Card Designs For Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is a special day when we can express our love, respect and grateful for our Mom. Each country has a different day to celebrate Mother’s Day, however, the purpose of this day is the same. On this day, people usually give their Mom a meaningful gift like the way to tell Mom how much she is important to them. Quilling card seems to be the perfect gift that Mom will love.

Why quilling cards are special and unique?

Quilling card is a form of art in which thin strips of paper are rolled, glued and shaped together to create decorative designs. What makes quilling cards special is that they are assembled by hand and required a meticulous technique.
Quilling card designs have a wide range of topics such as nature, architecture and animals that are suitable for any occasion, including Mother’s Day.

quilling card

Nowadays, people are often related to social media to send love messages to their family as it is quicker and simpler. However, sending a greeting card is still the way to show how much you love them and how important they are with you. This is because you need to spend time to choose, write and send. A thorough choice can even light up their smiles and remain relationship.

These are the 5 most beautiful quilling card designs for Mother’s Day

Flower 019 quilling card
The card shows a meticulous design of a flower vase which includes a mixture of white and blue flowers and green leaves, that will be a perfect gift for your Mom.

Lilis quilling card
The card shows the image of two beautiful liles with fresh colors and harmonious design, that can be a great gift to give to your Mom.

Architure 038 quilling card
The card illustrates the Eiffel Tower – the most symbolic landmark of Paris. If you Mom loves Paris, this card would be a perfect choice to send her on Mother’s Day.

quilling card

Flower 032 quilling card
The card shows a lively image of three red flowers and a tiny beautiful butterfly, that will surprise your Mom by its gorgeous design.

Love 047 quilling card
The card reveals an adorable cat holding a big heart on a sunny day. Life is always beautiful thanks to the feeling of love. This card is definitely a meaningful gift for your Mom.

Let’s make your Mom happy on this day by sending her a beautiful quilling card as she deserves to be loved and respected. For more amazing designs, visit our website at

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