Top 5 desk calendar design in 2019

Top 5 desk calendar design in 2019

The desk calendar is a very popular calendar for office people due to its convenience and high aesthetics. It is always the simplest and most intuitive thing for everyone to remember their work. Paper Art Viet is very happy to be able to send you an interesting paper desk calendar design for the new year 2020.

Made from paper materials imported from Italy and Japan, our Pop-up calendars are always brought to supplier the quality as well as its perfect beauty.

Animal Desk Calendar Design

Courage and majesty are the first things when thinking of a dragon. Surely many of us have seen Game of Thrones, and are impressed by the Daenerys dragons, because of the impressions and grandeur it brings. This is a great choice when your customers have a strong characteristic.

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The elegant and flexible words are about a Japanese Crane. The blue Cloud and the white of Japanese Crane are a great combination of color and sophisticated Pop-up cuts that also give your customers a sense of sophistication.

Architecture Desk Calendar Design

Inspired by famous architecture from different countries, Paper art Viet has some very close desk calendar designs for everyone. Here we have 2 sample calendars for 2 countries with architectural characteristics in the world. They are Italy and England, where architecture is famous all over the world. The classic architecture of the British and Italians always brings excitement to your customers when they see it. Along with sophisticated details, the desk calendar design is always the most sought after item in 2020.

Around the Worlds Desk Calendar Design

Bring to users all the most prominent places in the world, each month is displayed with each country and outstanding works in those countries. Different from regular desk calendars design with only dates and simple motifs, with paper art desk calendar designs, customers bring their own enjoyment of the exquisite and unique cut architectural works.

Vietnamese Desk Calendar Design

Vietnamese culture has always been a topic that brings lots of interest to many people in many different countries. With over 2000 years of existence and development, Vietnam has a rich culture with massive cultural heritage. And our calendars design with the theme of Vietnam bring great cultural characteristics as well as its own appeal. Currently, the desk calendar designs of this line of cards are favored by customers in the US market

Little theater Desk Calendar Design

Like a small screen of television screens, giving your customers the scene to be imagined as a love story in a beautiful city. The scenes taken from famous places in the world with love stories will make it easy for customers to imagine the stories brought behind it.

With the above cards, these are the most sought-after latest calendars in the media in recent days. These desk calendars design promise to be a new trend of desk calendar design around the world. Favorite by many retailers around the world, these are the most popular desk calendar design for customers in 2020.

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