Top 5 best greeting cards in 2019

Top 5 best greeting cards in 2019

Greeting cards are a decorative card that people often buy as a gift for their family and friends on special occasions throughout the year. This habit appeared a long time ago and is still loved as its touchful meaning and relationship maintenance between the giver and the receiver.

Why greeting cards are still loved by many people?

We all know that today we live in a digital life where technology and the internet is significantly developed that change our old habits. Instead of sending cards, people tend to use social media to communicate with their family, friends, colleagues.

It is more convenient and quicker, yet kind of boring. They do not need time to choose and write the cards, therefore, instant messages do not bring the receiver emotions as greeting cards do. Just imagine you send a greeting card to your loved ones, they will be surprised by the meticulous design of the card and happy by your hand writing messages.

Here are the top 5 greeting card ideas from Paper Art Viet:

Animal and gift box greeting cards are perfect to be sent on birthday.

Christmas town greeting cards are a brilliant choice for a happy Christmas.

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Lily flower greeting cards are a gift that your mom will love so much.

University bear greeting cards like your congratulatory gift for those who have just graduated.

Wedding boat greeting cards are a perfect choice for your lover.

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Greeting cards nowadays expand to many types such as pop up cards and quilling cards. These 5 greeting card designs suggested are pop up cards. You can send a greeting card on any occasion. Just fill in your nice words and it will be ready to send.

Beside those 5 designs, there are more greeting cards with various topics suitable for all occasions. Just go to our website at for more amazing designs.