Top 5 3D Pop Up Cards For Chistmas

Top 5 3D Pop Up Cards For Chistmas

Christmas is one of the most special holidays in a year when family and friends can sit together and share their happiness over the year. On this day, people usually send gifts to their loved one as a way to express their love and tell them how important they are. Nowaday we live in digital life where the internet and modern technology mostly influence our social life, do pop up cards have a place in our hearts as before?

What is pop up card?

Pop up card or 3D card is a form of art paper inspired by Origami and Kirigami which is the most famous art form of Japanese. The difference between normal greeting cards and pop up cards is the 3D image will pop up when you open the card which makes the card more lively and interesting. Moreover, pop up cards have a wide range of topics such as architecture, love, Christmas. But it seems that Christmas is the season that has the highest demand for greeting cards.

pop up card

What is pop up card?

Why sending 3D cards on Christmas is important?

We cannot deny that sending greeting card is more emotional than instant messages on social media. This is because when you write some things on the card, it will turn into a very unique gift for only that person. And imagine how happy they are when they receive your card which e-messages cannot bring to you. In addition, 3D cards with special design will surprise them by the amazing designs and meticulous assembly.

Top 5 3D pop up cards for Christmas

Christmas Gift Box 3D pop up cards

pop up christmas cards

This Christmas Gift Box pop up card illustrates the colorful gift box which is perfect for your friends and family on Noel holiday.

Christmas Island 3D pop up cards

This pop up card design is a unique combination of coconut tree and snowman that will surprise your loved ones when they open it.

Christmas Town 3D pop up cards

pop up cards

This Christmas Town 3D card reveals the lovely reindeer and Santa Claus taking in the sky to deliver gifts for children.

Dancing Group 3D pop up cards

pop up cards

The 3D card design illustrates a dancing group surrounding the pine that will light up the recipient’s smiles.

Deer 3D pop up cards

Deer is a symbol of happiness and luck that appears in every Christmas occasion, which is a perfect gift for friends and family.

Here are the 5 amazing 3D pop up card designs for Christmas. To view more amazing designs for any occasion, check on our website at

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Top 5 3D Pop Up Cards For Chistmas