Top 5 3D cards ideas for Valentines

Top 5 3D cards ideas for Valentines

Valentines are a great occasion for every couple to express their love, in addition to expensive gifts, jewelry or clothes, the idea of 3d cards is always really unique gifts for couples. Valentine’s season is also one of the peak periods of 3d greeting cards. Along with that, Paper Art Viet would like to introduce 3 hot ideas on 3d cards in the market today.

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1. Romeo and Juliet 3D cards

Romeo and Juliet symbolize the eternal love of couples who love each other, despite what circumstances are the two always facing each other, willing to sacrifice and willing to fall in love with the partner later. For those who love a warm love and full of romance, Romeo and Juliet will be one of the most loved love stories around the world. It will be a truly meaningful gift for the couple’s love, and will be loved by customers in 2019.

2. Pumpkin Horse-drawn Carriage Wedding 3D cards

Ideal from the world-famous story of Grimm’s brother, Cinderella, we create a pumpkin horse-drawn carriage. It carries the message of love when lovers always find each other no matter what. It is also one of the symbols of a grand and happy wedding of the young couple. In an affair that we imagine, we always want to be a prince and a princess to live a happy life, right? Paper Art Viet always understands that and always wants to bring meaningful messages through the cards.

3. Couple 3D cards

The image of the couple on the festival is a truly happy image for many viewers, especially when it is played in the church in front of the Lord. It is truly a heavenly image for the couple to be together from the ceremony to come down to the blessing of the witnesses. Not only that, but the golden veins also make it easy for the recipient to imagine the famous Greek lyre attached to two mythical characters with a beautiful love affair with Orpheus and Eurydice.

4. Angel Love 3D cards

Heart and Cupid are the symbol of love in western countries. With the red heart, it is the eternal symbol of love, any couple would like to give each other 2 really wonderful hearts, with a really beautiful love. As for Cupid, according to Greek mythology, Cupid is the love angels who love to show love for all humanity. These are lovely angels and love fairy that hit the couple who will love each other passionately for life.

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5. Love Couple and Eiffel Tower 3D cards

The magnificent Paris is always a place to have many romantic stories under the beautiful Eiffel tower. Many couples love to go to Paris to enjoy that loving atmosphere. It is always one of the wishes of any couple. And this 3D idea also brings closeness to customers because it brings a truly wonderful love message for those in love.

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