Top 10 greeting cards ideas for friends

Top 10 greeting cards ideas for friends

Today we live in a world of fast development in the internet and technology which instant messages tend to replace traditional messages through handwritten letters or greeting cards. There are many reasons for this issue, but mostly because of the quick and convenience of e-messages bring to. Especially for young generation who are significant influenced by social media. They rely on social media in almost all of their daily activities such as communicating with family and friends, studying, working.

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However, it can be seen that the faster technology drive us, the more we want to come back to our habits in the past where instant messages were not very popular. We were likely to express our emotions by writing some words in a greeting card and send it to our loved ones with the hope that they will understand how important they are to us. This is the warm feelings that instant messages cannot express.Therefore, it can be believed that greeting cards are becoming the trending of gift market nowadays.

Understanding this trending of market demand, Paper Art Viet has designed some incredible greeting cards just for you. The creativity and diversity in designing bring out to our greeting cards more special. Not like normal cards, our cards reveal the liveliness and uniqueness of different forms such as pop up cards and quilling cards with various topics such as birthday, congratulations, Christmas that are suitable for friends.

Here are Paper Art Viet’s top 10 suggestions of greeting cards sent to friends.

When we think about birthday, we usually think of a yummy birthday cake, a happy birthday party with full of colorful balloons. These are some designs for greeting cards that can be sent on your friends’ birthday.

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Birthday cake greeting cards
A beautiful birthday cake is something that cannot be missed out on birthday.

Birthday box with candles greeting cards
A birthday party is happier with lots of gifts.

Birthday balloon stars and gifts greeting cards
Colorful balloons make a birthday party even more exciting.

Besides birthday, we have many greeting card designs for every occasion.

– Dancing group
– Cherry blossom
– Christmas 012
– Poinsettia
– Snowmen in the city
– Twin deer
– University owl

With the creative designs and meticulous assemblage, Paper Art Viet hope that we can bring a new trending to gift market. For more information, please contact us via our website

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