The Best Pop Up Card Suppliers In Vietnam

The Best Pop Up Card Suppliers In Vietnam

Why is Vietnam the best supplier?

Not China, not Malaysia … It is said that Vietnam has become one of the world best supplier in recent years. Low labor costs, skilled workers (74% of the population is under 50 years-old) and ideal geography for trade… along with many other factors have made Vietnam one best choice for foreign investors.

Pop up card suppliers in Vietnam.

For years, many foreign business man have come to Vietnam for cooperating in the field of paper art like picture, book, greeting card, especially the pop up card. It is said that one of the oldest companies making these pop up cards has been 13 years-old now in Hanoi, Vietnam. Nowadays, more and more companies are established for this kind of product only. Paper Art Viet is one of the leading pop up card suppliers among them offering not only manufacture but also designing service.

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The best pop up card supplier in Vietnam.

With over 6 years designing and producing pop up cards, Paper Art Viet now offer to the markets with over 3000 different designs in many occasions that meet the customers’ needs. Located in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city, Paper Art Viet’s office shows in their office a range of various pop up cards in any themes, from famous meticulous architecture to beautiful tiny flower pop up cards. Also, the designing team is always ready for the customers’ needs to help them turn their ideas into physical greeting pop up cards.

Reliable pop up suppliers

With 2 factories and hundreds of skilled labors, Paper Art Viet is confident in supplying the markets with over 100.000 pop up cards per month.

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Competitive prices

Knowing the competitors, having trustful cooperators in the producing line and self-designing all the catalogs, Paper Art Viet is offering to their customers the best optimized prices that they have. Also, solutions for costs are always ready for any requirements.

Internationally recognized certifications:

FSC, SEDEX, ISOT, FAMA … are just some of the recognitions that proves the Paper Art Viet capacity.
If you are a businessman who are interested in doing this field, feel free to contact: for more information and business opportunities.

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