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Wedding Ring

  • Name: Wedding Ring
  • Code: PAV821
  • Size: 15×15 cm
  • Level:  
  • Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag
  • Material: fine art paper imported from Europe, Japan
  • Produced by Paper Art Viet
  • Handmade in Vietnam

Have you ever got a ring from someone you love? I believe that a real ring will surprise you and make you happy, but a crafted pop-up ring is a unique gift that makes the recipients feel prouder. A pair of wedding rings representing immortal love in a beautiful box can be turned on, folded as you want. Rings for men are simple but powerful, rings for women are meticulous and sharp. your sweet heart will love it, why don’t you own it?

Pop-up is suitable for every occasion through the year such as birthday, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

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