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Pop-up Book – The Memory of Dinosaurs

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  • Name: The Memory of Dinosaurs
  • Code: PAROO3
  • Size: 19×23 cm/7.5×9 inch
  • 06 pop-ups
  • Weight: 500GR
  • Level: 
  • Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag
  • Material: fine art paper imported from Europe, Japan
  • Produced by Paper Art Viet
  • Handmade in Vietnam

Looking for a Jurassic book for your beloved children? We have one with ALIVE dinosaurs!

Flip any page of this incredible pop-up book and a stunning dinosaur will just stand up right in front of your eyes. The book features most well-known dinosaurs in the past, each of which is amid their distinctive living habitats. The backgrounds also come in multicoloured, three-dimensional plants and rocks, making the pop-up dinosaurs livelier than ever. With the po-up scale perfectly matched with dinosaurs in reality, the wow factor of this masterpiece is simply unavoidable to any recipient.

This book will be one of the best gifts you can ever give to a child or anyone who is fanatical about the Jurassic Era.

Pop-up books are suitable for various occasions throughout the year: Birthday, Christmas, Boxing Day, etc.

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