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Dinosaur Craft Kit

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  • Name: Dinosaur Craft Kit
  • Code: CRAFT008
  • Size: 20×16 cm/ 7.8×6.3 inch
  • Level: 
  • Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag
  • Material: fine art paper imported from Europe, Japan
  • Produced by Paper Art Viet
  • Handmade in Vietnam

You love the field of the pop-up card, you want to build your own a beautiful pop-up product. Our designers have developed the usability of popup cards into the new product “Craftkit” to meet your needs and passions. The paper box contains assembly instruction information, The paper model is easy to assemble and snaps together to form a lively 3D version in a variety of colors.

When the structure is finished, you will see a majesty blue and white dinosaur. Did you know?  Dinosaurs were reptiles that lived on Earth from about 230 million years ago to about 65 million years ago. The word “dinosaur” was coined by British palaeontologist Richard Owen in 1842. It is Greek, meaning “terrible lizard.” Rather than implying that dinosaurs were fearsome, Owen used the term to refer to their majesty and size. This product will be the perfect gift for your friend who loves dinosaurs.

Craft Kit is suitable for every occasion through the year such as birthday, wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

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