• Name: Deer
  • Code: PQ226
  • Size: 10,4×17,8 cm
  • Level:
  • Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag
  • Material: fine art paper imported from Europe, Japan
  • Produced by Paper Art Viet
  • Handmade in Vietnam

Deer is an animal that appears in many cultures in the world, the spot on their fur is a symbol of happiness and luck. The pop-up deer is presented by all our passion, art. Especially,  we highlight the deer with a sparkling red flower.Besides, the rock, plants, flowers make a romantic scene. All of them are compressed in a pop-up card. A significant gift brings to the recipient that makes them happy and respect and it also presents your special emotion to them.

Pop-up is suitable for every occasion through the year such as birthday, wedding, Christmas, etc.

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