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Cuckoo Clock

  • Name: Cuckoo Clock
  • Code: PQ222
  • Size: 15×15 cm
  • Level: 
  • Packing Style: one card + one envelop + one cello bag
  • Material: fine art paper imported from Europe, Japan
  • Produced by Paper Art Viet
  • Handmade in Vietnam

In the attic of the Christmas winter night, I know you are waiting for the protagonist to appear. This was created by us – the pop-up art lovers make in this unique red pop-up card. The Santa Clause brought the gifts in his familiar bag, the reindeer in charge of escorting the man and they were waiting for the 12 o’clock clock, the moment that each dream of children will be interested in the man and help them become reality. Believe me, the children will love the gifts that you bring, a little more advice, greetings, it will be the most valuable and meaningful gift of this festival that we help you send.

Pop-up is suitable for every occasion through the year such as Christmas, etc.

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