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31 January, 2019

Happy New Year Pop-up Card – An Emotionally Lavish Present

Every second of our life matters and the moments signifying the onset of a new year are even more pivotal. Years leave and years come. But at the outbreak of no matter what year, our wishes for people who we care for are the same: great health, good happiness, and […]
17 January, 2019

A Thanksgiving 3D Card Bring Your Kids a Creative Thanksgiving Holiday

Why should you think about a Thanksgiving 3D card? As a day to thank for a year of good harvests, Thanksgiving is considered as a national holiday in some Western countries. Thanksgiving festival is one of the special holidays for parents and children staying together. On this occasion, people will […]
26 November, 2018

A Birthday Card Cannot Be Missing In Your Birthday Party

A birthday party is an event for people staying, singing and dancing and giving wishes to someone who you care about through a beautiful birthday card. As it is a warm and intimate within the family and close friends, you can organize a family-size party easily with some preparation. The […]
12 November, 2018

Some Of New Christmas Quilling Cards In 2018

Snow house – Popular Christmas Quilling Cards in 2018 Christmas Quilling Cards are increasingly being used as gifts which are used with many wishes for New Year and Christmas season. People often lead to the warmth of the home, so there is usually the image of the house, warm fire […]
30 October, 2018
3d card

Take A Halloween Quilling Card For Your Unique Halloween

Halloween Pop Up card is exclusive for Halloween. Traditionally, Halloween is a festival for children wearing Halloween costumes with Pumpkins lanterns to knock doors and ask for “trick or treat”. People will open the doors and “treat” them with candies, fruits, and some little coins. Halloween now is popular around […]
19 October, 2018

Papers Art Cards At Paper Art Viet

Have you ever made a birthday card to give your friends or family members? Buying materials (paper, marker, ribbon…) with a lot of our own ideas, you can create meaningful cards in different special ways for people you love. But if you aren’t capable of making a card by yourself, […]