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4 September, 2019

Top 5 best greeting cards in 2019

Greeting cards are a decorative card that people often buy as a gift for their family and friends on special occasions throughout the year. This habit appeared a long time ago and is still loved as its touchful meaning and relationship maintenance between the giver and the receiver. Why greeting […]
3 September, 2019
3d pop up cards

Where to buy beautiful greeting cards?

What is greeting cards? Greeting cards are a decorative paper that are often bought as a gift to send in any special occasion. Unlike before when greeting cards had simple designs, they are nowadays more interesting with different forms such as pop up cards and quilling cards which can be […]
29 August, 2019
pop-up cards

Where to find a pop-up card manufacturer in vietnam

What is a pop-up card? Pop-up card is a new version of an ordinary greeting card which normally known as 2D card. Now it is added one more dimension to become an 3D card or Pop-up card. However; its usage stays the same over time. Pop-up card in Vietnam It […]
27 August, 2019
greeting cards

Greeting cards for all occasions

We live in a world run by digital communication where people tend to send messages through social media more than postal mail as before. However, sending greeting cards still mean a lot to both sender and recipient. This is because the card is the way to maintain relationships and express […]
27 August, 2019
greeting cards

Top 10 greeting cards ideas for friends

Today we live in a world of fast development in the internet and technology which instant messages tend to replace traditional messages through handwritten letters or greeting cards. There are many reasons for this issue, but mostly because of the quick and convenience of e-messages bring to. Especially for young […]
23 August, 2019
3d pop up cards

5 reasons why supplier have to order pop-up cards Christmas from an early time

Christmas is one of the most important events in a year, which is also the climax of pop-up cards and Quilling Cards. Retailers must always have a plan for preparing cards for sale on this occasion, but usually, retailers often wait for Christmas to order, making delays and errors very […]