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2 November, 2019
pop up calendar designs

5 reasons you should choose a custom pop up calendar to give new year gifts in 2020

Custom pop up calendar is an extremely potential market for businesses to donate to their customers. Always one of the first priorities of businesses for giving gifts to customers because of its superior features. pop up calendar is no exception, with diverse and unique designs. Pop up calendar will bring […]
26 October, 2019
3d card

8 steps to make a 3D pop up card

Since more and more people get to know about 3D pop up card and want to know how the 3D pop up card manufacturers can make these spectacular items, Paper Art Viet, one of the best 3D pop up card designers and manufacturers in Vietnam, has shared some of their […]
24 October, 2019
pop up calendar designs

Desk Calendar 2020 – “Mua gi o dau” – HTV7 channel

Today, 24th October 2019, Paper Art Viet had a chance to be on HTV7 channel to introduce our brand new product line – desk calendar. Paper Art Viet has spent more than three years developing ideas, designing and perfecting products. With a passion for paper art, we are proud to […]
24 October, 2019
Gift box pop up card

What is 3D Pop Up Card?

Pop-up means something that would show up and shock the others at sight. 3D pop up card is the card which has a similar function as it stuns the receivers with fastidious stationary inside after opening. History of 3D Pop up cards. More hardware look than a book, the ordinary […]
17 October, 2019

Top 4 calendar designs in 2020

Calendar nowadays is not to managing your schedule, but also has a lot of purposes such as decorating your office, being a special gift for business and marketing your brand. With the materials imported in Japan and Italy, our products always bring to customers the best quality and reasonable price. […]
10 October, 2019
Pop Up Cards

Top 5 3D Pop Up Cards For Chistmas

Christmas is one of the most special holidays in a year when family and friends can sit together and share their happiness over the year. On this day, people usually send gifts to their loved one as a way to express their love and tell them how important they are. […]