Greeting cards for all occasions

Greeting cards for all occasions

We live in a world run by digital communication where people tend to send messages through social media more than postal mail as before. However, sending greeting cards still mean a lot to both sender and recipient. This is because the card is the way to maintain relationships and express emotions such as love, congratulations, best wishes.

Greeting card is a decorative card that people use to send to their family and friends on special occasions throughout the year. A fancier greeting card is not only a gift but also a way to save remarkable moments.

Have you ever wondered why greeting cards are loved to be a gift sent in every occasion? Here are some reasons that people like sending cards more than instant message.

– It is more personal. Greeting cards are always more personal than digital gifts. This is because you get to feel the card and have deeper emotions when touching, opening the cards. It is like something special just for you.
– It is more emotional. Just imagine you send a greeting card to your family or your friends, they will express their feelings of happiness and surprise once they open the card and enjoy your writing messages you give them.
– It has more impact. This is because you have to spend time to choose, write and send a greeting card to your loved one. Time is precious and if you take time to pick cards that reflect their personality and value, it is worth to see their smiles.

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Nowadays, greeting cards have more types for your choices. Beside normal cards, greeting cards suitable for any occasion over the year, including pop up cards and quilling cards that are very special and unique.

Here are the top 4 greeting cards most suitable for any occasion.

Cherry Blossom greeting cards
This pop up card show a beautiful cherry blossom once you open the card. The card is suitable for any occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

Flower Vase greeting cards
The pop up card reveals a vase full of a variety of luscious flowers with fresh colors that can be sent on every occasion throughout the year. Your loved ones will be very happy once they receive the card.

Flower 019 greeting cards
This quilling card shows a meticulous design of flower vase, featuring an elegant mixture of blue flowers and green leaves. This card is perfect for your loved ones on any occasion such as birthdays, Valentine’s day.

Flower 048 greeting cards
This quilling card shows a beautiful blooming bunch of purple flowers and green leaves. Flowers are always a perfect gift to express your love to family and friends. This card will light up their smiles.

We hope that those 4 greeting cards mentioned above give you some suggestions for being a gift to your loved ones. For more beautiful designs of greeting cards, you can go to website

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