Easy Steps To Make 3D Cards

Easy Steps To Make 3D Cards

What is 3D cards?

3D cards are an art form that is inspired by the two art paper from Japan which are Origami and Kirigami. Different from normal card, 3D cards include pop up image once you open the card that makes the cards lively and eye catching.
Nowadays, people, especially the young generation, are likely to make 3D cards as a special gift to send to their loved ones. Making 3D cards are not as difficult as you think. Here is the instruction of how to make 3D cards.

All you need to make 3D cards:

– Cardstock or construction paper
– Scissors
– Glue stick
– 3D card printables
– Art supplies to decorate

To make 3D cards, you just need to follow these 8 easy simple steps:

Step 1: Choose 2 pieces of card paper that are the same size. Heavy type of decorative or scrapbooking paper should work very well. You can choose any color as your preference.

Step 2: Fold the paper to make the card. One piece will include the tabs and 3D image. Make sure they will fit inside the second piece.

3d card

Step 3: Make the tabs in the center of the card to put the 3D image in the center. The tabs should be based on the size of the 3D image.

Step 4: Crease the tab in opposite direction to pop out the image.

Step 5: Cut the 3D image into any shape as your favourite.

Step 6: The 3D image can pop out perfectly once you apply glue to the bottom of the tab, remember avoid applying glue on the top.

Step 7: Secure the card to the 3D image

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Step 8: It is time to use your imagination and creativity to decorate the card.

Hope you can make 3D cards successfully with these steps above. Moreover, 3D cards have various topics such as animals, architecture, nature, etc. For more ideas of 3D cards, you can go to our website https://paperartviet.com/.

3d cards