Custom desk calendar – hot trending in 2020

Custom desk calendar – hot trending in 2020

why do we custom desk calendar?

Calendar is something that is called a lot during the time of new year is close. Calendar used to be only for one purpose of reminding to calculate time, so do the desk calendar.

Plus 360-degree desk calendar

Plus 360-degree desk calendars

Nowadays, a calendar is not only a time reminder but also a brand reminder. When you can custom with whatever you want, from adding logo, slogan to making a stationary inside the calendar.
What is better than your customers looking at your brand name on the calendar 365 times per year?

why you should choose Paper art viet’s desk calendar?

Since the marketing strategies are aiming to show to the customers the service or products, brand with the most frequency. But what can enterprises doing it without too much annoying and show appreciations instead?

Desk calendar seems to be a great idea. And customizing your calendar with your logo and brand names or even your concept to a stationary is something better than ever.
In Paper Art Viet, your idea will be turned into an absolutely attractive and wonderful calendar.
Here are some of the desk calendars designs that can catch the others’ eyes at the first time.

Flowers desk calendar

A flower pop up in a desk calendar – Ideal for the company who work closely to the environmental or natural products.

360-degree desk calendar

360-degree desk calendar

New York City design calendar

A New York New Year city pop up in this calendars can say many things about your service of a travel agent or real estate organization.

New York City desk calendar

New York City calendar

Beautiful Spring Flowers desk calendars

Besides, these are some details that are available for changes on the calendar like in the pictures below.

Spring Flowers desk calendar

Spring Flowers calendar

So, what do you think about a customized calendar for your own? contact PAV as the link of their website below for more surprising custom desk calendar designs.

dong ho calendar

Typical Vietnamese topic such as the Dong Ho Folk Painting calendar inspired