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19 April, 2019
greeting cards

Flower Quilling Card – A Messenger Of Love To Your Sweetheart

Flower Quilling card for sweethearts Taking about sweethearts, we think about couples, love, and marriage. One thing that is never missing in a romantic relationship is a flower. The flower is an important part of our daily life. The flower represents anywhere in any house and each kind of flower […]
1 April, 2019

The Exhibition Of Paper Art In Paris

Paper Art Viet specializes in making and supplying handmade art products such as a pop-up card, handmade card, 3D card and so on. The products that we provide to customers are diverse, nice and meaningful, Moreover, those art products are supposed to be significant gifts to give to each other. With […]
15 March, 2019

How To Choose Trust-Worthy Pop-up Card Making Supplies

Pop-up cards will help you to show your message, feeling to your friends or your family on great occasions. But where should you buy them? We have some recommends for you here. How do you think about good pop – up making supplies? Do you want to have lovely pop-up […]
18 February, 2019

Expressing Love by a Valentine Pop-up Card

Valentine pop-up card for couples It is perfect if you are with your lover during Valentine’s Day. And on the Day of Love, you can see love everywhere around you. Many boys and girls search for presents and cards for Valentine’s Day every year. They come to some souvenirs selling […]
31 January, 2019

Happy New Year Pop-up Card – An Emotionally Lavish Present

Every second of our life matters and the moments signifying the onset of a new year are even more pivotal. Years leave and years come. But at the outbreak of no matter what year, our wishes for people who we care for are the same: great health, good happiness, and […]
17 January, 2019

A Thanksgiving 3D Card Bring Your Kids a Creative Thanksgiving Holiday

Why should you think about a Thanksgiving 3D card? As a day to thank for a year of good harvests, Thanksgiving is considered as a national holiday in some Western countries. Thanksgiving festival is one of the special holidays for parents and children staying together. On this occasion, people will […]