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19 November, 2019
Birthday cake pop up card

Top five beautiful 3d pop up card for your birthday

Birthday, in all around the world, is considered as a special occasion for people gathering and celebrating a date that one came to the life. It is not only to party together but also to remind one another about the beloved’s importance in their lives. Below are 5 3D pop up […]
12 November, 2019

Top 5 pop up cards ideas for Valentines

Pop up cards given on Valentine’s day are traditional in many countries in Europe and North America. It originated from the Christian saint Valentine later developed in North American and European countries and is now popular around the world. It is always the day when couples love each other to […]
9 November, 2019

Paper Art Viet – “Cau Chuyen Kinh Doanh” – HTV7 channel

With the desire to take paper art to a new level, Paper Art Viet is proud to be the leading company in the field of art paper that are highly applied. Inspired by Japanese Kirigami and Origami paper art, Paper Art Viet provide the market with high artistic and high […]
7 November, 2019
customized pop up calendar

How to decorate your office desk with a beautiful calendar – desk calendar?

Office desks are an important piece of furniture for every business, every company. From employees to managers, everyone must own a desk With a beautiful desk calendar. Office desk is a fulcrum for each individual to make contributions to businesses and companies. Everyone usually decorate their desk with little things […]
2 November, 2019
pop up calendar designs

5 reasons you should choose a custom pop up calendar to give new year gifts in 2020

Custom pop up calendar is an extremely potential market for businesses to donate to their customers. Always one of the first priorities of businesses for giving gifts to customers because of its superior features. pop up calendar is no exception, with diverse and unique designs. Pop up calendar will bring […]
26 October, 2019
3d card

8 steps to make a 3D pop up card

Since more and more people get to know about 3D pop up card and want to know how the 3D pop up card manufacturers can make these spectacular items, Paper Art Viet, one of the best 3D pop up card designers and manufacturers in Vietnam, has shared some of their […]