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25 December, 2019
New York City desk calendar

Custom desk calendar – calendar manufacturer

Paper Art Viet’s custom desk calendar designs are proud the be the most recognisable product, which can be an effective marketing tool for your business. Your brand image can be leveraged and your brand awareness can be enhanced. What makes Paper Art Viet’s custom desk calendar product different? Unlike normal […]
20 December, 2019
Tokyo - Japan desk calendar

Desk calendar manufacturer in the world

On last months in every year, calendar market is becoming more dynamic and has high demand of company and customer. It is the time for the company to leverage their brand awareness, enhance customer loyalty and increase partner relationship. However, finding a desk calendar manufacturer that satisfy all of your […]
30 November, 2019
dong ho calendar

Custom desk calendar – hot trending in 2020

why do we custom desk calendar? Calendar is something that is called a lot during the time of new year is close. Calendar used to be only for one purpose of reminding to calculate time, so do the desk calendar. Nowadays, a calendar is not only a time reminder but […]
27 November, 2019
Christmas flower ring 3D pop up card

Top 5 3D Pop up cards for christmas

Christmas has been long considered one of the biggest and merriest occasions in a year. For any of your family members and your beloved friends, it is a time for reunion. A festive season is coming this year. Greeting 3D pop up cards, a long-time tradition, seems to be a […]
25 November, 2019

Top 5 desk calendar design in 2020

Paper Art Viet desk calendar Since the ancient time of human history, people used to use a lot of types of materials to make a thing that helped to calculate time and track it. That is calendar. Nowadays, calendars play an important role in not only reminding time but also […]
21 November, 2019
pop up books

Pop Up Books idea for kid

pop up books is one of the popular and latest unique products on the market. With these 3D pop up books, readers, especially children, can easily get lost in the world that the subject of the book brings. It is also a new way to learn and read books in […]