31 March, 2020
Fantastic pop up book of Paper Art Viet

5 Reasons to Pop Up Book suitable for Marketing for your company

Pop Up book is one of the latest products of Paper Art Viet. A product made primarily of high-class and luxurious paper, this is a product that can suit many companies and their marketing campaigns. In particular, the real estate industry is the most advantageous for the following reasons. 1/ […]
31 March, 2020
Craft Kit High quality products

The best craft kit design from paper art viet

Craft Kit is one of Paper Art Viet’s new products suitable for those who love to assemble models. Let’s discover this new product with Paper Art Viet. Made from environmentally friendly materials Craft Kit from Paper Art Viet is a new model assembly version from Paper Art Viet. Used entirely […]
31 March, 2020
Quilling Notebook - Design by Paper Art Viet

Quilling Notebook is a unique product from quilling paper of Paper Art Viet

Quilling Notebook is a new product of Paper Art Viet in vintage style. This is a very special product and is also one of the new best selling products at Paper Art Viet. Let’s explore the uses and materials of this product with Paper Art Viet. 1/ Quilling Notebook is […]
31 March, 2020
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology - Design by Paper Art Viet

3 reason that Pop Up Notebook suitable for your business

Pop Up Notebook is one of the best selling products at Paper Art Viet. With the great uses that can bring to customers, Pop Up Notebooks will be one of the popular products in the near future. Here are 3 reasons why Notebooks to use Pop Up notebook for you. […]
30 March, 2020

Unique stationery in 2020 from Paper Art Viet

Stationary are extremely essential tools for any employee working in offices. These are all tools that bring uniqueness as well as products that can bring inspiration to work for your customers. Paper Art Viet with innovation always wants to bring your customers the most unique and premium products such as […]
17 March, 2020

3D Paper Note – The Art of Note for your Customer

Note paper is a popular product for office workers in many parts of the world. It is an essential material for anyone who takes notes on things or issues of interest. However, paper notes are usually thrown away after use, causing tremendous economic damage. 3D note paper will be the […]