5 reasons why supplier have to order pop-up cards Christmas from an early time

5 reasons why supplier have to order pop-up cards Christmas from an early time

Christmas is one of the most important events in a year, which is also the climax of pop-up cards and Quilling Cards. Retailers must always have a plan for preparing cards for sale on this occasion, but usually, retailers often wait for Christmas to order, making delays and errors very much. But if retailers order from 3 to 4 months in advance, they will bring benefits that they did not think about. Here are 5 reasons that retailers should order Pop Up Card and Quilling Card early:

1. Avoid delays pop-up cards

Early ordering always provides a clear schedule with clear working stages in the production and shipping of orders. It also comes with the manufacturer detecting errors when manufacturing and having time to fix more. If retailers order late, it will lead to orders being produced quickly, error-prone and take longer to ship.
Delays of shipments that may affect business through production are delayed because raw materials needed for processes do not arrive. Delayed production implies that businesses cannot meet the needs of consumers, who can then search for products from alternative sources. Moreover, perishable goods can deteriorate and therefore lose value if not careful to speed up the delivery process and prevent delays.

2. There is a time to carefully select samples

With early ordering, you have more time to observe and place samples than to order late. That allows you to weigh more than the form, had time to edit discretion and also have time to consider the entire product cycle and form a more comprehensive adjustment. In addition, suppliers can also place samples early with samples that suppliers like or have time to create a new template that is better than those of suppliers. Also ordering early pop-up cards also offers time to evaluate products for customers and help.
Vendors can also make it possible to create trends for their stores, or retailers, which in turn can bring their own style to the store. That will bring retailers more careful look at the items they can sell and match retailer style. Since then retailers can shape their retail style as well as the style that the store is targeting. At Paper Art Viet, we have a lot of Pop-up card design in many themes and rich in decoration. It is always an extremely modern style or brings classic. And Paper Art Viet always wants to be the right choice

3. Start selling early.

For business, starting a sale Pop-up cards sooner than a competitor is also a good way to reach your customers as quickly as possible. It is also a way that you can reach new customers so you can sell more goods with the sales programs you have or are doing. In addition, the opening of the sale soon helps you have more time to review the goods and make a better sales strategy because you have the time to review the types of goods and classify them correctly.

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No matter how early the sales begin, though, consumer spending always increases as we get closer to the culmination of the holiday festivities. Therefore, starting the sales earlier gives your business time to isolate developing trends in the run-up to more high-volume shopping toward the end of the year.
As a retailer, you have an incentive to roll out holiday deals earlier in the season, even beyond capitalizing on the consumer bonanza. By starting earlier, you can offer consumers an early glimpse of what the shopping season will look like in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You can build a trove of valuable data based on those initial impressions, and that can help you coordinate promotions and allocate resources and staff later in the season. Based on the data collected in early fall, you can create more effective sales strategies for November and December and make for a successful year-end.

4. Always have a good price

Price is always an important part of orders, and when ordering early, retailers and retailers always want to get the lowest price. It always plays an important part in determining how your goods are valued and will also determine whether you sell goods or not. Early ordering always helps retailers get incentives from manufacturers such as incentives, discounts on freight rates or other incentives. That will be a significant contribution to the importation of retailer goods, and those costs, if brought into sales and marketing, will help distributors get more customers with higher profits.

5. Limit the out of stock early.

With an early purchase, you will have a more comprehensive view of the items you currently have, which will help you get the calculations on the items and limit yours out of stock. Quick way. If out of stock happens, you can also get a better view and can order more, to make up for the missing items.

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Out of stock during the peak season will be disastrous if customers need them. Customers will have a bad look for suppliers and will look for new suppliers. You will lose customers and the profits of the following years will be reduced. In addition, out of stock during peak periods will result in an increase in product costs as well as an increase in shipping prices in certain items as well as shipping fees. It will take time for suppliers to be able to place production orders in a short time and as well as possible product failures if they have to be manufactured in a short time.

With early ordering, it will be a good preparation for a busy Christmas season of many items. It will bring a lot of good benefits for retailers and suppliers to be able to get a business plan and strategy in a successful Christmas season.
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